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Summer is here! And the heat is on in Orlando, with expected highs in the 90’s today. Careful not to be out in it too long, to avoid heat-related illness, which can range from mild overheating (heat rash, dehydration, cramps, swollen feet, etc.), to more moderate heat exhaustion (weakness, fatigu...

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Visiting Orlando? Welcome to the Sunshine State, where you can get enough sun for a sunburn before you realize it. Remember your hats and sunscreen, and drink lots of water. Be safe, and stay healthy!

Here’s some sun safety info from the Mayo Clinic, CDC

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10 Healthy Lifestyle Changes:

Sit less...
Move more...
Listen to music...
Limit screen time...
Be more grateful...
Practice mindfulness...
Track what you eat...
Sleep more...
Drink less...
Play more...

Here's a link to the article which has links to studies to back up the advice:


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Better late than never! It’s no surprise that sedentary people generally die sooner than those who are physically active. Some older adults who have not been active for many years may think it’s too late for them to start now. But a recent study (link below) also indicates a lower mortality risk ...

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April fools! NOT! Most of you have heard someone say "I'm as serious as a heart attack".
If you or a loved one have had the experience, or symptoms (even those of us who otherwise have a fairly good sense of humor:), the phase can take away from the joke. Maybe we're being too serious, but the Am...

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Is it a cold or allergy, or something else?
You’re probably tired of hearing about influenza (Flu), which fortunately seems to be dwindling in the Orlando tourist attractions area. While the common “cold” can be similar to a mild case of Flu, cold symptoms usually don’t include significant fever,...

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Spring is in the air! But so are millions of influenza viruses. Hopefully this is the last wave (until next year). And hopefully you’re having a happy and healthy visit! But if you're in the Orlando tourist attractions area, and you or someone you know experiences flu-like symptoms (like fever, f...

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Mobile urgent care medical doctor in-room house-call visits to Orlando tourist attractions area hotels and homes for children and adults.

  • Fee for new patient doctor house-call visit from 8 am - 5 pm

    Mobile urgent care doctor house call visit fee includes a problem-focused history, vital signs, focused physical exam, diagnosis, and writing or calling in a prescription if needed. Payment is usually made in person to the doctor at the end of the visit by cash or major credit card using a secure encrypted electronic credit card system, after which you receive an electronic receipt by text or email. You can send a copy of your receipt and other necessary information to your insurance company for potential reimbursement, depending on your policy or contract. Alternatively, you can call your insurance or assistance company, before calling or texting us to schedule your visit, and ask if they can arrange for payment to us on your behalf ahead of time, or confirm their reimbursement process. Please visit our PhysicianRoomService .com website to see our service area and for additional information. Thank you!
  • Additional fee for doctor house-call visit after 5 pm or before 8 am


Testing - optional, performed by the doctor in the room during the visit, with results in a few minutes.

  • Rapid Strep

  • Rapid Flu A

  • Rapid Flu B

  • Dipstick Urinalysis

  • Pulse Oximetry


Medications - optional, complete course, but limited to a few common selections, dispensed in the room during the visit, if available.

  • Amoxicillin, Azithromycin, Benzonatate, Cephalexin, Ofloxacin eye drops, Ofloxacin ear drops, Ondansetron, Prednisone, and a few others.

    Disney hotel guests also have the option of having Turner Drugs deliver to the front desk, usually within few hours. Visit for their information. Otherwise, the doctor can call or write prescriptions to any pharmacy of your choice if preferred.


3 months ago
When my daughter and I were visiting Orlando and I became very ill, I panicked. I could not have been happier to find Physician Room Service. Dr. Almond is extremely thorough and professional and was able to examine, diagnose and prescribe right in our hotel room. I highly recommend this service to anyone visiting the Orlando parks and area!
- Corey B
4 months ago
I have used another in-hotel doctor service for my child that I was very unhappy with while vacationing in Disney. The service I used was recommended to me by my Disney resort but it was not a great one. After my vacation I accidentally came across Dr. Almond and their service seems so much better. If I were to need to see a doctor on future Orlando trips I will definitely be using this service and no one else.
3 months ago
Definitely recommend Dr. Almond. Impressive professionalism.
- Moon L

Let the doctor come to you!

Physician Room Service sends medical doctors directly to Orlando Florida tourist attractions area hotels and vacation homes. 

Our "house call" physicians are licensed, trained and certified in Family Medicine, with many years of experience helping adult and pediatric patients with minor episodic urgent care problems like fever, sore throat, ear infection, common cold, influenza (Flu) symptoms, pink eye, allergies, rashes, insect bites, skin infections, urinary infections, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and more. ($199-$299). 

Some common simple tests like rapid Strep, rapid Flu A, rapid Flu B, and dipstick urinalysis can be performed by the doctor in the room, with results in minutes ($10-$20 each).

Prescriptions can be written, called or faxed to any pharmacy with no additional cost. As a convenience, a few common medications can be dispensed by the doctor in the room ($20-$30 for the entire course), or delivered to some Walt Disney World area hotels by Turner Drugs.

Payment is made to the mobile doctor in the room at the end of the visit by credit card or cash unless you have communicated with your insurance or travel insurance before scheduling the visit, and they pay us directly beforehand, or agree to reimburse you after you pay the doctor. Itemized receipts and records, designed for insurance reimbursement, are completed by the doctor and provided in the room during the visit. Insurance companies vary greatly in coverage and reimbursement, so we recommend contacting them before scheduling the doctor visit to see if they can arrange payment ahead of time or guarantee reimbursement. Our prices are up-front, transparent, and have been the same for insurance companies or self-pay for many years.

Why waste valuable time in stressful traffic or crowded waiting rooms, when you can relax in the safety and comfort of your hotel or vacation home? Let the doctor come to you, and get well soon, right in your room!

Please visit our website for more information, then call or text 407-238-2000 to schedule a mobile doctor to visit you. Thank you!

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